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Main options / variables


Activation keys, devkeys and OS/OFW/kernel images for autonomous countries

Countries that have chosen to augment our keys need that we

  • Stop issuing activation keys - this requires changes to act-server
  • Stop issuing devkeys - this requires changes to act-server
  • Stop signing OFW/kernel/etc

Handling of mfg-data

We need to still import mfg-data for support reasons, even if we turn activation.l.o "off" for other users. Being able to query the data is invaluable.

Tools missing

We got to get the basics of this complete:User:Martinlanghoff/Key Autonomy: Activation Server Requirements

Helping deployments get started

  • Run the key services @ OLPC, under a country-controlled DNS name.
  • Run the key services @ CoLo, under a country-controlled DNS name.

Key services

  • antitheft URL
    • OATC can direct clients to a 'local' upgrade server
  • Mgmt UI and facilities
  • URL for XSs downloading delegations
  • Devkey request URL
  • Activities URL
  • Upgrade URL (rsync -- should we?)
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