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  • Housing for ILXOers - visiting tomorrow to check out space, confirm, pay
  • spending yet more time on getting an office for ILXO. MUST FIND WAYS TO OUTSOURCE THIS TASK I AM BAD AT IT!
  • ILXO van - scrapped. We're going for an office, large bins, existing cars, and borrowing/zipcarring vans if we need to haul significant amounts of stuff.
  • Grassroots bootcamp just about ready to go - this was the large accomplishment of the day.
  • Discussion of May 20 event... apparently I am demoing now.


  • visited Farrington inn. Got the runaround but am inching closer to confirming housing for ILXOers...
  • made a Content bundle making script for Cjl but also for more general usage
  • did bug triage for Sugar
  • more discussion of may 20 demos
  • YAY! Grassroots bootcamp invitations have been sent out. Finally something's finalized!


  • Demoed to a visitor from Dubai - awesome.
  • Nicholas Bodley visited, started a repair manual, also got a lot of neat insights into how an experienced electronics tech views the XO's physical design (answer: happily! he was overjoyed at the extra screws in the handle and the metal sockets to keep screw threads from stripping with repeated use)... he needs to post these things to the wiki!
  • did some setup for demos next week and testing for demos tomorrow - prepping USB keys with files and images and such.
  • responding to sugar bug triage comments on my work from last night
  • responding to "we'd like to start a uni group" emails - wrote FAQ, need to refine and post that later
  • Spent inordinate amounts of time installing sugar-jhbuild (ultimate aim: help Sugar team by recruiting them a team of testers. Testers need an easy way to set up to test...) Now have a much better idea of the pain.
  • I have a widescreen monitor! It's beautiful! Thank you Henry!


  • flash USB keys with activity images - one with activities from build 656, one with cool activities in general.
  • testing for may 20 demo setup - go to the media lab, play around
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