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To do

  • Hide RTNETLINK message
  • Make Debian package

My profile

{"__aid__":[],"__nid__":[0,23,196,5,36,95],"__pic__":0,"__typ__":[],"dorm":"East Campus","name":"Sho Uemura","nick":"Meeg","room":"H303","sex":"male"}


The Cerebro package in the latest Joyride builds (joyride-2130 or later) is largely equivalent to what you get by manually installing Cerebro from the git repository.

Version of your installed Cerebro package: "yum info cerebro"

Version in git: in your /root/cerebro folder, "git-log"

Assuming these match, the following things (needed for the study but not for Cerebro functionality) are done by /root/cerebro/ but not by the Cerebro package:

  • Add ypod's ssh key to your authorized_keys
  • Set Cerebro to start at boot
  • Add to your rc.local in my public is a script based on (cut out the actions redundant with the package and added the git stuff) that you can use to do this. Note that if you do this, cerebroui will be in your path, whereas puts it in your home directory.

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