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I'm a software engineer, with twenty years experience in the industry. Most of it has been on the Mac, but I've worked on a lot of other platforms. I do GUI, embedded and storage work.

I joined the OLPC Wiki because I'm interested in Teaching Programming in schools that are equipped with the XO. My aim is to help bootstrap local software industries in countries that don't have any yet. I've had that idea for a long time, but OLPC makes it suddenly more practical.

I also compose for and play the piano. (There are some Creative Commons music downloads at that link). I have the long-term goal of going to music school to study musical composition. I want to write symphonies! But I have a lot of study and practice ahead of me before I can pass the entrance audition. If I really do end up teaching programming, wherever I go, I'll be bringing my piano keyboard so I can continue my studies.

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