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Stuck not being able to register for the MIT network? Some options.

1. Talk to an RCC and give them your MAC address for eth0 and eth1. At the terminal type ifconfig to find these. My RCC also told me that people can go to and fill out an installation request, noting the MAC addresses.

2. Install Opera. Instructions here: Opera. Note: you are sort of in a catch-22 as installing Opera requires an internet connection! To get around this, go somewhere within range of the Media Lab wireless network and use it (you don't need to register). Opera is able to complete the registration form. It is also in general a lot more powerful, though larger and I bet it takes forever to load.

3. And a third: Talk:Browse#Hacks

Other experiments: I installed thunderbird with "yum install thunderbird". It works fine though it takes 30 seconds to open. Also, as there is no window manager, if you have a second window open, you have to use alt-tab to switch between windows. I even hear on the internet that you can install a working copy of Gimp!

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