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  • Fixed incorrect behavior in an existing pygame function, mask.get_bounding_rects(), and also doubled its performance.


  • Wrote a function to list cameras available on the computer.
  • Played with integrating pymunk and the camera module. I wrote a script that has gravity go in the direction of a real life object the user holds up. A fun little demo, but it barely scratches the surface of computer vision and physics integration. The next step is integrating it with Physics or Elements on the XO.


  • Attempting to package an .rpm
  • Played with threading


  • Started writing an example script to test the possibility of pixel perfect collision detection between real life and on screen objects.


  • Finished a few versions of the script. There are definite opportunities here, though it certainly needs a lot of work to make it more than just a nifty tech demo. There is, as usual, also the problem that it runs at an unplayable speed above 320x240 on the XO. Is there perhaps a way to hook into xv to do hardware scaling for display? Something to look into. More information on my website.


  • Got python threading working, though I need to test it with actual vision stuff.
  • Packaged my code along with an example script as an Activity.


  • Researched optical flow and motion estimation algorithms
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