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My name is Chris Maire, and I'm interning at Pathfinder International for the summer. Currently, my job is to set up a development environment and familiarize myself with it so I can see what's possible with the systems, and see what we can do with the XO's. Ben Nardone is effectively my boss, you can check out his page for more details.

For the next 7 or so weeks I'm going to be blogging here to keep track of what I do, and using this wiki to get some help when I need it, as well as keeping the community updated on what we're doing over here.

I'm new at using the MediaWiki software, so if I screw something up please tell me here :)

About Me

In brief, I'm going into my sophomore year at Skidmore College where I'm most likely going to be a Comp Sci major, although at this point I'm still undeclared. I have a tiny bit of programming experience from High School and one semester of CS at Skidmore. I play too much World of Warcraft.

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