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"Village" game activity -- Requirements



Related Documents

Reference list of materials used by this document. Includes all books, papers, articles or other related project documentation that are referenced, researched, or provide supporting information for this document. All supporting documents must be accessible. Include: title, author, date published, publisher (if applicable).

Glossary of New Terms


""" Boilerplate

This Functional and Technical Requirements document is for xxx

This document is part of the requirement analysis and definition phase of the xxx and will contain a listing of the functional requirements for this software component. This document will be used to create the project work plan, and become the basis for the system and integration testing to be performed before the implementation.

This document is to be used by any member of the xxx project team for any purpose pertaining to xxx and it’s functionality. """


""" Boilerplate

This document details requirements for xxx software from end-to-end. The functional requirements are described in terms of critical functionality the product requires.

In the Project Design phase, these functional requirements will be used to drive the functional design of xxx.


General Information

Project Perspective

Project Functions

User Characteristics

Interfaces, Integration and Dependencies


Risk Management


Alternatives & Tradeoffs

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements define the functions to be included in the system based upon user’s needs. They are not dependent upon the technical environment.

Functional requirements should be measurable and testable. Each requirement that is stated should be able to be traced and tested by the testing team. Therefore, it is important that each requirement should contain a single function that can be tested by the system test team.

Expository text may be attached to the functional requirement to further clarify the requirements. Expository text may include examples, diagrams, or descriptions. Expository text is only explanatory and does not include a functional requirement. Expository text is distinguished from the functional requirement by changing the text format to italics.

These requirements have been rated by priority. A priority of “P” stands for primary and indicates that xxx must function according to the requirements. A priority of “S” stands for secondary and indicates that these requirements will be considered for inclusion in xxx. Priority “O” has been identified as out of scope for xxx, but will be considered in future releases. The factors affecting their inclusion are: time, resources, complexity, complexity of waiting for future efforts.

For each:

  • description

Future Considerations

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements define the functions that are included in the system based on the current and anticipated technical environment. These also include requirements that users specify related to technology. An example would be the minimal acceptable response time as specified by the users. Additionally, technical requirements are often defined to support specific functional requirements.

Future Considerations

Identify known requirements to be met in future releases of this project, which must be accommodated in the design and/or implementation of this release.


Outlines any outstanding issues, questions or areas of concern which need to be addressed to complete the requirements

Appendix A

""" Put early detailed design guesses here. Put samples like hypothetical walkthroughs here """

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