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Hey, I'm Andy Pethan, sophomore at Olin College of Engineering outside of Boston, MA. I became interested in OLPC the minute I learned about the project, but first got involved through a friend at Olin. Right now I'm working to make sure there is an entrepreneurship curriculum available for the OLPC online library, working through a variety of groups and a little on my own to make sure something useful and interesting is available to teachers. One of the major components I'm looking to see infused with the materials is the ideas of social entrepreneurship, where businesses are created with the primary goal of positive social change, or forming profitable businesses that are focused on meeting important needs of local citizens. Although I spend most of my summer at home in Wisconsin, I will be in Guatemala from mid June to mid July for a month-long program with the Social Entrepreneurship Corps. I'll update the results of this trip when I return.

If you are interested in helping out with the entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship initiatives for the OLPC library, let me know. Email: rockychat3 a@t

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