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Reading Books on the XO-1

The page serves as a progress report cum test matrix for the BookReader development efforts currently going on at OLPC. Apart from the latest (test) version of the activities, this page also provides a set of test files in different formats, which should be readable after the activities listed in this page are installed on an XO.


Please note that these Activities are not upstreamed yet, and one should ideally contact the bookreader list in case of problems/suggestions/etc. To download a particular activity, from your XO's Browse activity, click on the Download link, and choose to save the file to your Journal. Once download is complete, you can launch the newer version from your Journal.


  • Version: 56
  • Release date: 21st April 2009
  • Download link:
  • Works with: OLPC XO OS 8.2.x
  • Supported formats:
    • PDF (including compressed variants)
    • Postscript/EPS (including compressed variants)
    • Comic Book Archive (only the zipped variant)
    • DJVU
  • Changes: Adds bookmark support.


Note that both the above activities may need a slightly modified version of Browse, which can be downloaded from We are currently working on getting the changes to Browse accepted upstream.

Test Matrix

Test Files for Book Reader(s)
Filename Type Link Activity Activity Version OS Build Tested Notes
abs-guide.pdf PDF [1] Read 55 8.2.0 Yes Works fine (including Table of Contents)

US_Government_Lands_and_Native_American_Reservations_in_Nevada_USA.pdf PDF [2] Read No Image heavy
Zzz.pdf PDF [3] Read No Image heavy
samplebook.cbz Comic Book Archive - Zipped (cbz) [4] Read 55 8.2.0 Yes Renders fine, though is a bit hazy if zoomed to fit to page (resolution/upscaling issue). Page count and jumping between pages breaks with older versions of Read due to bug in Evince backend.
yantrakoshaorat00tagogoog.djvu DJVU [5] Read 55 8.2.0 Yes Renders fine. In a non-European language. Older versions of Read will crash trying to open this
abs-guide.pdb PluckerDB [6] FBReader 2 8.2.0 Yes Older version of the FBReader activity is not able to open the file
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