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Khaled and Aaron and Jess have ideas about idea pooling. On this wiki, there are firstly "ideas" pages -- hardware ideas, software ideas, content ideas. Then there are discussion pages; sometimes long new pages full of one or two specific ideas. Elsewhere there are lists of ideas and idea types. There is some ad-hoc processing of raw ideas into parallel formats, less formal even than that on the Meta-Wiki... and a few ideas that make it to development.

A Khaled proposal: a separate interface and bit of software for a specific type of content (sourceforge for software projects, something for education/content projects, &c) which interfaces neatly with a categorized wiki. Encourage contributors to both to put their material first into the structured site, which automatically exports it to the unstructured wiki (in a suitable template), and work to make the categories on each system connect to one another. (Consider also the dev practice of associating specs and timetables and worksheets/distributions with specific ideas.

My personal priorities :

  • A simple process for converting raw ideas into a uniform structure with a freeform field for anything unusual.
  • A broad, simple intake -- an email account, a wide open wiki, a phone number. have a refinement process which reviews ideas, improves on them, selects some for core implementation and encourages others to implement the rest.
  • A few models of excellent ideas at each stage of development.
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