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A package arrived today from Cairo (DHL, plastic bill, slightly confused and had to call with a day's delay). Yesterday: something from Kobenhavn (manila envelope, stamps), and something to Oxford (FedEx, metered). I have a package to send to a Japanese address; in both English and characters (USPS, standard box). These have no uniformity; they share as little in common as do the flimsies one can send in Kenya for half-postage with a letter on paper in an envelope. The USPS format and style is the most familiar and consistent; better still are the efficient packing boxes one can find in Germany... but we have none such here.

Electronic mail would be more interesting if it too came in shapes and colors and sizes and styles, rather than a veneer of mail service providers offering access to the same basic envelopes and materials. Meanwhile, I would like to receive more mail bearing non-latin scripts; so if you are shipping me anything at all, please keep this in mind. Returning to topic, today's package was from the WHO and the Khalifa Computer Group: their prototype action-oriented school health curriculum. It wants me to install Real, and reset my monitor resolution to 800x600... I hope this is worth it.

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