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Grand dreams gain luster as they are shared; inspire enthusiasm from a distance as well as up close. Communicating and promoting dreams, asking for detailed advice and help (and not simply approval or shallow support) makes them real. Particularly when changes occur rapidly, leaving the path of change and its every step open helps disparate groups who feel associated to a great Work feel involved, drawn up in the hunt even if at the rear of the pack. Those of you who remember The Beast may recall how much energy was put into keeping an audience of new and old hands alike entranced by and in step with the rapidly changing texture of a complex project with many fronts. Three people devoted a fair chunk of their time to maintaining those centers for community cooperation, planning, and storytelling; without foregoing participation in the production of new ideas and material.

There isn't much in the way of detailed visions on this wiki at present; in part because this space is still finding its voice, not because visions for this project have not been articulated. Some of this will change in the months to come, some may even come from readers of this log. But beyond initial vision, sharing dreams over time means conveying progress, successes and failures, needs and desires. I aim to do what I can along these lines; if you are interested in the same, let me know (or just start doing it!).

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