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"remix culture", while a new term, is a bit misleading. Remixing has been an integral part of art since the start of recorded history.

Some recent examples:


splicing video into stories

Robert Scott Horning:

you could "insert" additional scenes, or rearrange the order [to] create something very new... a very popular technique for Russian filmakers during the [early] 20th Century, where they would get hours of "stock footage" and with just some simple movie editing tools... "compile" new motion pictures. [also a] common technique for some serial television programs, such as JAG in some of its early seasons...

David Gerard:

Roger Corman did the same thing - he burnt a house down with something like twelve cameras around it and used the footage in several films in a row. He complained in his autobiography that he hadn't known then that people would one day get video recorders and compare them ;-)
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