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My aim is to help making the XS Server setup less geeky

First I'll try to get a setup running that provides the minimum functionality for a deployment in Alabama.
Then I'll try to take what I've learned in the process and use it to reduce the steps to getting this deployable setup.
I focus less on how the XOs interact with the XS but on what the teachers and local admins will encounter.

Neccessities for a Deployment in Alabama

  • Support for access points - mesh is for low infra structure / low student count environment
  • Squid
  • moodle
  • DansGuardian


  • If you use just one access point - like for a trial setup - and connect it straight to the eth2 port, don't forget to use a cross-over cable. And set the access point up as follows:
  1. You do NOT want to enable DHCP on that access point.
  2. Make sure that the access point is NOT running in "gateway" mode.
  3. You can assign it a fixed address in the range -
  4. gateway
  5. netmask

These remarks were taken from an email from wad and helped getting me unstuck.

  • Squid runs out of the box! (Build150)

  • moodle installs to /var/www/moodle but is inaccessible. Sort of sits there and does nothing.

  • DansGuardian installs a little tricky.

The rpm for fc7 is downloadable from Installing it (yum localinstall ....rpm) leads to an unsigned rpm error. A work around for now is to (in /etc/yum.conf) turn the gpgcheck=1 to gpgcheck=0 to get the rpm installed and then set it back to gpgcheck=1.
Now DansGuardian is installed, but it still won't start (--> service dansguardian start) because there is a port conflict: Lighttpd has port 8080 already occupied...
Hopefully I'll find ways around this. Maybe with a little help?? Marten Vijn helped!


check these changes
/* server.document-root = "/var/www/idmgr/"
server.document-root = "/home/idmgr/"

and later
/* server.port = 8080
server.port = 8081

and voila - dansguardian starts

Warning: This is not a recommended solution, since the lighttpd instance on port 8080 is the registration service for XOs and this port number is "hard wired" into the current XO builds. Making this change will prevent XOs from registering with this "school server" - this may not be an issue if you're just playing around with G1G1 XOs, but is definitely an issue for an actual school deployment. --@alex 12:32, 19 March 2008 (EDT)

next enter a crontab as root to do the logrotation: crontab -e 59 23 * * sat /etc/dansguardian/logrotation (taken from:

Next I'll have to learn to administrate dansguardian...

Well, would have been nice if the port association for dansguardian would be done with this. But theso ports ar already taken. I haven't found an "official" port - service - correlation spread sheet. I'll keep looking.

Actually, I got so ticked off with Build 150 (or more likely, my inaptitude to make it do something usefull), that I startet a YS Server proposal. Please have a look at it and tell me what you think.

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