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Idea Spew

bcjordan: how I will improve sprayplay for a GSoC project: [4:45pm] bcjordan: 1. implement crayon-physics style drawing-->physical shape editing of SprayPlay using Elements (allowing kids to draw their own shapes/formation of shapes that they will then blast the heck out of and attempt to shoot the pieces into opponent's goal area) [4:46pm] bcjordan: 2. modify sound effect handling in Spray Play to both use semi-random sample changing (randomly playing 3 sound effects slightly differentiated sounds better than a sound file on repeat) and to activate on Box2D physics-based events (collisons, friction threshholds, rotation speeds) [4:48pm] bcjordan: 3. ensure the code's variables (adding gravity, shoot speed, Box2D physics variables) and simpler gameplay aspects are well-suited for modification using Develop [4:49pm] bcjordan: 4. the if-there-is-time "secondary-objective": implement sound grouping methods in to the pyGame API, and physics-based sound functions into the Elements APi [4:49pm] bcjordan: oh [4:49pm] bcjordan: and [4:50pm] bcjordan: 5. make Spray Play use sugar preference color pairs in drawing the play characters [4:51pm] bcjordan: 6. make the scoreboards (currently just star icons) actually show the shapes that a player has successfully shot into the opponent's score area, and scale down when pieces take up too much room [4:51pm] bcjordan: 6 could be completed by keeping the Box2D-based shapes around and relocating them to the play area (as static shapes) [4:52pm] bcjordan: 5 can be completed using sugar config files (and I'll have to make sure this doesn't mess up testing not-on-XO) [4:52pm] bcjordan: and [4:53pm] bcjordan: 7. (if there is time) package Spray Play for Windows, Mac and Linux (py2exe py2app) [4:54pm] bcjordan: I think 7 would be especially good for the OLPC project, as those outside of the project may be drawn in by seeing such a fun example

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