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At least one internship is available

Short version: Seeking an intern (maybe more than one), to work on several projects for Pathfinder International to do with OLPC.

  • my talk page here - | Pathfinder's web site
  • First up will be creating some games for the OLPC that involve Reproductive Health messages.
  • Setting up a development environment at Pathfinder,
  • Making contact with developers in the project, etc.
  • There are also other applications that we'll want to look into.
  • Making the intership, and whatever projects come out of it, sustainable. This will hopefully be a small team at some point.
  • It's unpaid, and you need to be able to get school credit for it.
  • Might be some volunteer projects, some paid work, and maybe some paid internshiops at some point, though. Drop a note below or to [] if you're interested, but can't do this one.


  • add questions here


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  • other stuff here

 ???? - what else?


Volunteer-at-home might be possible. There's some regulation or legal deal that means I can't bring in people to work at the office unless they're getting school credit (or paid, which isn't gonna happen at least in the very short term though it might at some point not too far from now). Email me or just leave a message here if interested.

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