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  • Meeting with Adam, SJ, Seth, and Adam Hyde from Flossmanuals on OLPC documentation next steps.
  • Upload DTS workshop materials at Deployment planning workshops
  • A round of work on DTS tickets.
  • Notes for LT/TT meeting tomorrow morning.
  • post DTS notes, and go through followup questions.
  • Post up internalwiki notes/questions on my perceptions of our current system for teaching countries about the support structure we have.
  • Internal SugarLabs write up for DTS and QA groups (ask if it's ok to post).
  • Be a G1G1 donor with a broken XO.


  • LT/TT meeting.
  • Test community meeting prep.
  • Check in on 8.2.1 ECO.
  • Meeting with Sean on museums (possible community test party venues).
  • Meeting with Simon on coordinating with SL's test team.
  • Thinking time.


  • Test community meeting.
  • Test community meeting follow-up.
  • Meet with SJ for ~15min to flesh out what's going on with Demonstrations materials (videos and the like).
    • This is a list of things that might be nice to do with demos.
    • A "basic" demo recipe, with suggested adaptations.
    • Have the demo-of-a-demo video filmed with several different "actors" (OLPC staff, local volunteers?) - a different person for each section/segment/slide, so we get a taste of many different presentation styles.
    • Subtitles for videos, please! Dotsub?
    • Easy download links for all supporting materials (slides, etc.)
    • Putting everything in Pootle for translation easiness.
    • Making it easy for people to post their presentation materials/videos.
    • Some sort of "virtual demo training" for folks who want to hone their presentation skills.
  • Make a draft testing plan for power features, and send to Greg Smith and Chris Ball. Work on this with Cjb if possible.
  • Clean out inbox.


  • Hacking day. What I'm making is TBD.
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