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Great job! Some initial questions:

  • Is this OLPC specific, or could the idea of a volunteers portal be generalized to apply to various open content organizations? (For instance, would it be possible to create a "how to make a portal" as a final deliverable?)
  • Why are you a good person for this job? What have you worked on in the past and who with? (Links would be good here). Show us why you're awesome!
  • How will you know whether you've succeeded? This is not necessarily an "I'm going to produce deliverables A, B, and C" but instead a "by the end of the project, X, Y, and Z will have happened," where X, Y, and Z are concrete things you can aim for.
  • Will you be working with other people? How can you involve/reach as many people as possible with the project?
  • Check out the Wikipedia welcome wagon (search around and leave messages on some of their talk pages, even) and how it works - being able to include information about that (links!) would be great.
  • Also links to examples of other good volunteer portals or programs that would be used as inspiration/examples is good, shows you've done your homework - kind of like a bibliography. For starters, check out the volunteering section of, the frontpage of and

A great start. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses! Mchua 00:24, 19 July 2007 (EDT)

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