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OLPC Experiences

My two XOen arrived in Seattle, Washington, USA, on the afternoon of 2007-12-19.

  • I believe that this is my released configuration

Observations: First Impressions

  • The Packaging and packing are nice.
  • I received two so they were each boxed and inside a larger shipping box in which they fit nicely snugly
  • I like that there is no plastic or styrofoam in the packaging, just the protective plastic wrappings around the XO, the battery, and the AC adapter and cord. How they all fit into the "egg-carton" shock-protection enclosure is nice too.
  • The introductory material is very simple and only a couple of pages. The link to the web site is valuable (though might need to be provided in a more emphatic way), except the getting-started information there is no different than what is provided by the little 4-page insert with the computer. I'd hoped for more.
  • The SD memory card slot is actually difficult to get to. I didn't attempt to use it, I just noticed this in my first inspection. It strikes me that, like my digital camera, I will want the largest capacity SD card in there that I can find. The USB ports will be for other things and maybe exchanging stuff. (There are 8GB USB sticks in the stores now. This will be useful.)
  • I don't know what the odds are of a USB keyboard working, but I might need one for any sustained work -- the keyboard is definitely too small for me to physically be able to touch type on it. Maybe I will need to remote console onto the machine instead. We'll see.
  • Because of the form factor and size, I have to keep getting over the fact that this is not a toy. That won't take long. I am getting accustomed to the shape and how it handles, though I have done very little beyond making sure the battery is working.
Orcmid 19:37, 19 December 2007 (EST)

Startup Considerations

I think we will need much more here to have people start up with some confidence. Progressive disclosure and deepening on the wiki will do the job, I think.

  • For the G1G1 US/Canada machines (oh oh, where's the French Language stuff?), ...
  • OK, for the G1G1 US machine I received, there is some missing out of the box information:
    • The battery, AC adapter, and the XO are separate in the box.
    • There is no diagram or other information on how to insert the battery properly. I figured it out, having had a Tablet PC with a similar insertion scheme (the XO is easier), and I suppose most recipients will have a household geek at this point. Still, I think it needs pictures and complete step by step instructions so confirmation of proper insertion can be figured out entirely from pictorials. If not in the box, definitely on something reachable from the start page.
    • There is no indication whether the battery needs to be charged and for how long it might need to be charged the first time. I turned on my machine and that showed me there was enough charge to start up.
    • I did not go through the initial setup process, turning off the machine instead. (This is the only machine where I would do that without fear!)
    • I put the machine on the AC adapter and the battery indicator light on the closed cover showed fully-charged status. (This indicator does not light during initial power up, so this was how I found out. There are probably other ways I haven't explored yet.)
  • After startup (and it takes a while to notice that there is a startup process happening), I am asked to provide my name.
    • I did not provide my name nor did I continue. I powered-down and set the machine aside for further exploration later, when I can take photographs and notes of further details.
    • Because I don't know what it is going to be used for and what are the irreversible consequences of a choice, I was reluctant to provide a name at this point. (See, technology has trained me to be wary.)
    • This is not about worrying about identity or anonymity. I just don't know if I am creating an account name, some identity that is used when I am in a mesh, or what. I just don't know the usage and so I don't know what care to exercise in making my choice.
    • Also, I don't know if the choice made here is something I am stuck with. Since I have two machines (I guess I could name the XOen themselves with the names of famous twins or siblings), I want to know a little more about what I am doing here.
Orcmid 19:37, 19 December 2007 (EST)

  • I did not receive a shipping e-mail and tracking notice. Oh oh, the PIN and instructions for T-Mobile are supposed to have been in that notice. I bet it was in my junk mail and I didn't catch it. I'll have to check on the Support FAQ. (Orcmid 20:03, 19 December 2007 (EST))

Cross-Talk Wall


Whoops, I left off a plural [1] is for Insects 20:52, 19 December 2007 (EST)

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