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Don't worry about stealing Magnetic Poetry, ttuttle hasn't touched the activity since last fall. Seth 21:40, 30 July 2008 (UTC)

Anonymous user comment

This was posted on the main page by an anonymous user ( I'm moving it here. Rmyers

>> The more I think about this, the less it seems the computer has to offer. Words on the refrigerator door are great - partly because they're out in the open. easy to rearrange, encourage spontaneity and interaction with other members of the family. I can't see myself or my kids wanting to do this on a computer. <<

Sorry, but that's a very first world comment. The majority of the XO's users won't have a refrigerator door or a local Hallmark store to buy a set of magnets, or the $10 to buy them if they could.

Also, the intention is that this could be a classroom activity, not just a home amusement. I know that in the school district (yes, affluent first world) that I work for, poetry assignments are common. Having a poetry tool on the XO does seem to me have educational as well as entertainment value.

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