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Week 3, Jun 25Th


First of all, I can finish the pre_alpha release of the Amadis, as I have said before, the Core of Amadis architecture will be used to make the web visualization about the Journal entries. Only some interface details will be adjusted to the first deployment at the LEC servers. Now, what you will see in this report is my ideas and needs about the Journal and WebJournal work, as well as the Amadis and Journal integration.


This week I have working hard to understand the sugar-jhbuild workflow, because I had a old version of the environment. However, now I can understand the changes and already build some tests in the Journal-activity code, what that permits me know where I probably can modify the code, for make the backups or publishing behaviors.

I saw that datastore is no more complicated than common file system, though an documented API is very required, I can understand how the journal load and read the files saved on the disk.

Datastore Backup

Following some threads about backup in the server-devel mailing list, I could note that exists a solution being implemented for Martin. The Martin's solution was made using a bash script, and a python library to using with journal, that is published at;a=summary. What make me think about my work in the backup solution, I think that an overlapping about this is not good idea.

However, what I have proposed not involved an automatic backup behavior, because the overhead in the school Internet goes to the top. When the children arriving to the classrooms, something like 150 request at same time in the first five minutes of day. Considering the frequency of the ds-backup script, this overhead will follow all class period. But now the situation is completely different, and I hope find a way to work cooperatively with the existent initiatives.

Anyway, the datastore use possibility in the server, this simplifies very much the work about the journal entries, to make a web visualization, and became more possible the tag creation and comments about the entries.

WebJournal propose

I could note too, the creation of a project named EduBlog from Uruguay, that I have thinking is a overlapping about my project. But think a little more, I can see that is completely different of my proposal. The WebJournal aims permits that children can publish your Journal contents in the school server, and not be a simple blog publisher. The main objective of this new feature is be able to teachers and parents see the children work.

How the Amadis have being used to make this connection between three points, I resolve to use it as base of WebJournal. The Amadis 2.0, as explained in the [Amdis-trac] and [Amadis wiki page], is an environment to promote communication and learning projects development. So, for can be possible use your core architecture the Amadis will have a new core_module, WebJournal. If you saw in the Amadis documentation, the Amadis have five core_modules (webfolio, projects, communities, people, workshops) the WebJournal will be used to overwrite the Webfolio module. This is necessary because the webfolio module is the same WebJournal module, without integration whit the Sugar. Make it this way will be possible use the Amadis with XO schools or non.


This report is only to consolidate some thoughts about my work and find ways to establishing a communication with the development team. Because this I have some questions that is very important to help me a find my plance into the development proccess.

What the design group think about Amadis interface for be used webjournal?

Perhaps they want to change something? If yes, who can help me to change?

This is a screenshot of current pre_alpha Amadis interface.

Something more about mockups

This is a image mockups about amadis interface, this will be implemented soon, like next week or weekend, all depends.


Amadis on OLPC wiki

Amadis Trac

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