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Vedic Mathematics Tutor for XO machine. Suggested Activity Names- “MentalMath” , “ExcelMath” or simply “VedicMath”

Synopsis/Project Goals

To develop a interactive Vedic Mathematics Tutor for XO machine. This Activity would surely have a positive epistemological impact, providing the children a fun learning experience and boosting their confidence in Mathematics.

A Rough Idea could be taken from:

About Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is a super fast way of calculation whereby you can do supposedly complex calculations like 998 x 997 in less than five seconds flat. It is highly beneficial for school students of any class and also helps students for the competitive examinations.

Vedic Mathematics is far more systematic, simplified and unified than the conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development and use of intuition and innovation, while giving the student a lot of flexibility, fun and satisfaction . For a child, it means giving them a competitive edge, a way to optimize their performance and gives them an edge in mathematics and logic that will help them to shine in the classroom and beyond.

Therefore it's direct and easy to implement in schools – a reason behind its enormous popularity among academicians and students. It complements the Mathematics curriculum conventionally taught in schools by acting as a powerful checking tool and goes to save precious time in examinations.

There are just 16 Jaw-Dropping Sutras or Word Formulae which solve all known mathematical problems in the branches of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. They are easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.

Historical Info

High Speed Vedic Mathematics was founded by Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja who was the Sankaracharya (Monk of the Highest Order) of Govardhan Matha in Puri. They are called “Vedic” as because the sutras are said to be contained in the Atharva Veda – a branch of mathematics and engineering in the Ancient Indian Scriptures.

Benefits of High Speed Vedic Mathematics

   *  Vedic Mathematics is 10-15 times faster than normal Maths.
   *  Better and Much Improved Academic Performance in school and Instant Results.
   *  Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.
   *  A Complete System comprising all the benefits of Mental Maths.
   *  Develops Left & Right Sides of the brains by increasing visualization and concentration abilities.
   *  Vedic Mathematics cultivates an interest for numbers and eliminates the math-phobia present in the students.
   *  Vedic Maths is easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.
   *  Increases your speed and accuracy . Makes you a Mental Calculator yourself.
   *  Improves memory and boosts self confidence.

Features of “VedicMath” Activity

  • A user-friendly GUI in accordance to the OLPC Human Interface Guidelines
  • Modular Design will ensure smoother modifications in future.
  • A beginner tutorial on How to Use the tutor documentation.
  • Mock lessons to identify the present mathematics skills of the user.
  • Comparative analysis of student's normal calculation and calculation done using Vedic Mathematics.
  • The "VedicMath" activity will include various kinds of interactive exercises like:
    • Learning Category:
      • Introducing of the Vedic tricks (basic exercise for beginners)
      • Short Mathematical exercises (provide initial training for calculation)
    • Testing Category:
      • Speed Trials (advanced exercises, so as to provided an ingrained practice)
      • Speed Test (for analysing the calculation speed and students improvment)

  • The Learning Category may also include levels/chapters:
    • Lets-Read & See: Children go through the preliminary documentation and get comfortable with the environment
    • Lets-Learn Tricks: Children learn to use Vedic tricks.
    • Lets-Play with Tricks: Finally, children start playing with tricks learnt.
  • Adding new lessons and exercises would also be easy.
  • Every exercise/test will generate a report about the performance of the user and school server can import/work on statistics
  • The Vedic Tutor will be fully supported by Tutorials throughout its execution
  • Various other possible components will be discussed and designed

Development Technology

VedicMaths will be programmed in Python. PyGTK+ will be used for building the GUI.

OLPC/Sugar Advantage

  • OLPC/Sugar will have an independent one of a kind Vedic Mathematics Tutor.
  • It will save a lot effort and time of future developers.
  • “VedicMaths” Tutor will add value to XO machine. OLPC/Sugar will thus garner popularity amongst kids.

Road map

In my course of action, I plan to achieve following milestones:

  • I have already started by posting my plans to the mailing lists and discussions on IRC to get the feedback.
  • Starting from end of July I will dedicate approx. 2 weeks to download source, establish and get fully comfortable with the development environment and prepare myself. I’m a quick learner with passion to learn anything I come across. I’m well versed with C, C++ and currently I’m playing with Python.
  • All the learning will be done as soon as possible to ensure smooth interaction with the mentors.
  • Next task would be to study Vedic Mathematics books, internet tutorials (which I’m already doing), discussing the designs and necessary features to be included with the mentors. The interim period will largely comprise of absorbing all the required knowledge, generating new ideas and preparing mock-ups.
  • By of mid of August, I’ll be involved full-time with the mentors and break down the whole project in modules, main modules include:
    • Design- Finalize the designs in 2 weeks
    • Implementing- coding the vedic tutor (4-5 weeks approx.)
    • Testing/Debugging- identifying the bugs, bottlenecks and getting feedback (3 weeks)
    • Improvement phase- issues identified in module3 (testing phase) will be addressed in this phase (approx. 2 weeks)
  • This is a tentative schedule and open to modifications with suggestions from mentors. This time-line is very flexible and I can achieve the goals without any problems.


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