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In today's world there is talk a lot in financial planning. Since very small, the children of today are familiarising with this term and insert it into your day-to-day. The objective of this project is to develop an application that will be useful to these young people and other users who want to manage their finances and how much and with what they are spending in the month. This application will be developed to basic/intermediate level of users (considering their financial activity). The application will run on a simple but functional ambient. My goal in this project is to develop something that is useful to the OLPC project and especially to its users, as will reach thousands of people who will benefit from using the laptop. More important than having the knowledge, is divide it.


I believe that an application that will be used on a project as OLPC should be something innovative, highly functional and accessible to people of any ethnicity, as the goal of the OLPC is the world digital inclusion. To develop this application, I use Python, (my favorite programming language) that I consider appropriate for this project to have great libraries to this type of project and a significant performance. I will use techniques of usability to make the application more usual possible. To graphical interface, I choose PyGTK. To store financial data entered by users, use SQLite because for a simple task like this, SQLite it's great.

The basic structure of the software consist of the following examples:

  • Submitting current account
  • Submitting years reference
  • Entry of money
  • Expense divided by category:
    • Personal
      • Clothing
      • Hairdresser's
    • Study
      • Courses
      • Books
      • Events
    • Entertainment
      • Restaurants
      • Travel
      • Walks
    • Transport charges
      • Bus
      • Subway
      • Fuel
    • And others ...
  • Relationship entry / exit
  • Balance
    • Balance sheet
    • Monthly balance sheet
  • Monthly Spend
  • Graphics simple by category
  • Reports
    • Monthly
    • Annual

I consider these the main points to be stored in the life of a student of basic level. There will be possibility for the user choose a level of financial control: basic or advanced. Depending on the choice, functions will be released or not. This application should be light to adapt well to XO. The goal of this project is to integrate the Verde Finance with Sugar. My idea is to use the calendar of Sugar integrated with my application. When the user insert a new financial commitment, it will be displayed on calendar. So, I hope this project will be useful for the nepal deployment.


I am 100% avaible to work in this project.

May 26

  • Start Code phase 1
  • Design the Verde Finance
  • Start the integration it Sugar

July 7 ~ 14

  • Midterm evaluation

July 15

  • Start Code phase 2
  • Finish integration with Sugar
  • Start integration with calendar

August 11 ~ 18

  • Suggested pencils down date

August 18 onwards

  • Finish integration with calendar
  • Final tests
  • Work on dependencies
  • Work on usability
  • Documentation


I am an 21 year old under-grad student of Computer Science at Centro Universitário Nove de Julho, from São Paulo, Brazil. I am in 2nd grade. Nowadays, I work with intranet and extranet development, using Zope and Plone. I have already worked with PHP/MySQL development and a little bit of Java. This would be my first real involvement into open source development. Before that, I worked on translation in Ubuntu Linux Project, testing packages and helping other users in technologies that I know like python-brasil, zope-pt and ubuntu-br mailing lists. In São Paulo, I participated in the GruPy-SP and I've already been monitor in my university of the logic programming and web development class. I like to participate in conferences, forums and meetings of users, mainly related to free software.

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