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Server Information

The server I am using is a fast HP Pavilion sv6000 hooked up to a wired network.
When its complete it will be running Ubuntu server edition 7.06 (I think)
with ejebberd installed over it. It should be capable of most programs on the XO.
Current upload speed is only 256 kilobytes, so if too many people join quickly,
i will have to do it by invitation. This server will hold anyone with a XO
or emulation. Check here at popular times to see if any activities are not recommended
at the current time.

Current Activities Usable on the server

Usable Activities
Activity Status
Server Down
Chat Down with server
Record Down with Server
Browse Down With Server
Others Down With Server

Other Information

issues with the hardware is causing delays in the server creation.
Estimated Server Launch Date: Sunday, May 4th 2008
Please watch this page for information on the server.
Feel free to connect before it goes up by going to the terminal activity,
then using the command -sugar-control-panel -s jabber Vermont.Jabber.Org
I will update this page when the server is up!

You should add link in table on Community_Jabber_Servers if you want people to find this page. Cjl 00:33, 6 May 2008 (EDT)

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