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The Voices project will facilitate video workshops in which students will work with local artists and storytellers to make digital recordings of their work and stories. The footage will then become part of an on-line database where students and other artists from different locations can interact with it.


Over the next year a preliminary set of material will be collected for the site through location based workshops while the project and the programming are in development.

June 2007 A pilot group of artists and academics will be invited to participate in a workshop in Toronto on June 17th - digitalizing their work and discussing the format of the site and its interactive components, as well as to give insights and feedback on the cultural implications of the project.

linking to existing projects / organizations / media

Voices should link to local media collectives as well as to existing open-source educational resources. For example, discussion threads could be linked to open courseware at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) or UWC(University of Western Cape) so that students (and non-students) whose interest is piqued by seeing creative explorations of a topic in the form of dance or spoken word or theatre, could then check out more structured course material.

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