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At home

  • Keep it in the kitchen to use for recipes.
  • Take it outside during a lunch break to read the latest news.
  • Take it to the beach / road trip to read (instead of a paperback).
  • Take it to a coffee shop and surf the web.
  • Take it to a social event to meet new people through the mesh networking.
  • Develop applications for it / use it for testing.
  • Take it traveling around the world, where battery life, portability, and durability is important.
  • Tell myself or to my children that somewhere over the world in a developing nation people have the same laptop

On the road

  • If I am on a long travel I do not have to fear that my laptop is shutting down because of empty batteries.
  • Use it as my personal diary wherever I am.
  • Take it to the swimming-pool and download/read online newspapers/ magazines, which I have subscribed.

Getting the word out

  • Commit to taking the XO laptop to T-Mobil hotspots in my community and when I travel and use it where it will draw attention and questions about what it is and why it is.
  • Provide a short brochure, flyer, or information card about OLPC to give to interested parties.
  • Tell them how to get involved and encourage them to do so.
  • Give the four I bought to a school in the South Bronx.
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