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WikiEducator is a community resource supported by the Commonwealth of Learning) for the development of free educational content. Visit the Wikieducator page for more information.



  • English
  • Spanish
  • French


  • Unknown. Can someone find this? Maybe 100 polished curricula?


  • Formats materials are currently in
  • Pages on a mediawiki wiki.
  • Scripting (any scripting needed to convert it from current packaging)

Curator Info

Group: Wikieducator

Group coordinator:


Allottable size:


Scope (subjects, ages, other)

  • All subjects, all ages. Their Content page lists no primary curricula and 3 secondary curricula, with a somewhat larger base of tertiary, technical/vocational, and professional training materials. Projects are in active development and will continue to be added.

Completeness (comprehensiveness for given topic and audience)

  • Spotty but growing.

Multilingualism (specifically es, pt, en, ar)

  • Main wiki in English. Also in es, fr.
  • They appear to be planning versions in pt, ta, and hi.

Quality (incl. suitability for audience)

  • Good. Not always entirely polished, but content has generally been contributed by knowledgeable people who want to complete a good work. May need some polishing before it is ready for a spotlight, but there is enough there to work with.

Freeness (license and format)

  • All content on the wiki is under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 license. There is currently a debate on the Wikieducator mailing list on whether to allow embedding of third-party media because of possible copyright issues.

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