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What is the project?

We need a flyer for events like WikiMania on our work on Wikislices and our excellent Wikireader Activity. The flyer should have the following components:

  • SVG format
  • Exported and saved to PNG and PDF when finished
  • Has a paragraph of information on moulinwiki and one on Wikibrowse proper
  • Have at least one version for half-A4 printing (for SJ at WikiMania


This is a project with a short deadline, but if you would like to participate of have something to add use the following methods of communication.

Steps to Completion


One Laptop per Child's WikiBrowse Activity serves large amounts of compressed Wikipedia data, quickly. Constructed in Python, it uses C functions to pull out articles from a series of small compressed blocks

WikiBrose serves wikipedia content out of a compressed copy of the XML dump file after indexing it. The architecture is that there are C functions to pull out articles, and several interfaces to those C functions: the main interface is the iPhone app, but there's also a web server (written in Ruby with Mongrel) that runs locally and serves up pages from the compressed archive.

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