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Checklist for customising runin for kernel testing. See also Olpc-runin-tests.


disarm fscheck

This disarms the filesystem consistency check, but doesn't stop it running. The log will contain reports of failure that don't stop the whole run.

touch /runin/soiled

It is necessary if any files outside /home/olpc have been removed or changed, such as kernel or runin tests. It is not necessary if files have been created that were not previously present, such as runin flags.

set aggressive suspend timings

This sets ten second awake, ten second suspend timings.

touch /runin/aggressive

This is done so as to stress suspend and resume.

set extreme suspend timings

This sets zero seconds awake, three seconds suspend timings.

touch /runin/extreme

This is done so as to stress suspend and resume.

ignore repeated hangs

By default, runin reports a fail if the number of hangs exceeds three. To turn off the repeated hang detection fail:

touch /runin/no-fail-hangs

optional, disable individual tests

Individual tests can be disabled by creating a corresponding no- file.

touch /runin/no-battery

runin-gtk is required to be present, unless runin-tests is edited to remove all reference to it.

optional, exclude wireless card

This excludes the wireless card and driver:

touch /runin/no-{wireless,bluetooth}
echo blacklist btmrvl_sdio > /etc/modprobe.d/olpc.conf
echo blacklist mwifiex_sdio >> /etc/modprobe.d/olpc.conf

This is done so as to exclude known problems with the card and driver.

optional, logging verbosity

  • run olpc-dev-kernel at least once,
  • edit olpc.fth and add no_console_suspend to the kernel command line,
  • for more verbosity, add debug and/or initcall_debug to the kernel command line
  • log the output of the serial console.

This is done to increase the amount of information available for diagnosis.

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