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This page lists goals and plans for initial bringup of the XO 1.5 A1 motherboard, the first prototype of the XO-1.5 Laptop.



Note that a tick check (Wad and Mitch are not happy with ticks at the moment) in any one of the three columns is generally sufficient to prove that the hardware works.

Bringup status
Subsystem BIOS->Linux OFW OFW->Linux
PS/2 keyboard/mouse Y Y Y
Audio playback (Int/Ext) Y Y Y
Audio recording (Int/Ext) ? Y Y
records zero bytes
External IDE Y Y Y
Phison chip IDE Y Y Y
USB 1.1 only, flaky
SD ? Y Y
DCON ? Y ?
Suspend + resume Y ? ?
C-state switching Y ? ?
Xorg Y n/a Y
VIA framebuffer driver Y9318 n/a Y
with vmalloc=256M


The goal of a A-phase board bring-up is get a small number of boards to an acceptable state of functionality. At this point, a larger number of boards are modified to match and distributed for both extended testing of basic functionality (esp. memory stability) and development of software to access futher functionality.

The following are the goals of this bringup:

  • Embedded Controller and power distribution working
  • Memory controller working and memory stable (memtest86)
  • OLPC display working
  • Keyboard/mouse working
  • USB working
  • SD memory cards working
  • Audio input and output
  • Boots Linux kernel from USB or SD card
  • C2/C3/Suspend/resume from OFW


  • Camera input (driver won't be ready in time)
  • Power management from Linux
  • Windows boot
  • X

Personnel in Taiwan

  • Wad (EE), Richard (EC/OFW), Mitch and Luke (OFW), and Chris (Linux) from OLPC
  • Gordon Chu (PM), Beckham Chen (EE), Danny Tsai (power), Gary Chiang (EE), Bryan Ma (EC Firmware) from Quanta R&D
  • Harald Welte (Linux) and BIOS/memory controller expert from Via


  • Cheetah SPI programmer qty 1 (Richard)
  • Dediprog SPI programmer qty 1+ (Quanta)
  • Artec LPC dongle (FLASH + port 80) qty 3 (Mitch 1, Richard 2)
  • Cleverscope qty 1 (Mitch)
  • PROMjet SPI FLASH emulator qty 1 (Mitch)
  • OLPC serial port dongles + cables qty 10 (Mitch 2, Richard 2, wad 6)
  • High speed, four channel oscilloscope (Quanta)

Sequence of Events

Dates close enough to book travel

  • (May 14/15) Richard arrives several days before bringup, to work together with Bryan Ma on final EC code.
  • (May 19) wad and the boards arrive and bringup starts.
    • Get the EC running, including serial port
    • Basic power supply operation and sequencing
  • (May 20) Mitch arrives
    • Basic Open Firmware startup
      • Use LPC FLASH emulator for < 1 minute build + download cycle time
      • Early execution tracing with port 80
      • Serial port
      • Initial memory controller setup
  • (May 21) Via becomes involved (VX855 support), Luke arrives
    • Memory controller fine tuning
      • Via expert evaluates signals and suggests setting changes
      • Mitch provides fast turnaround OFW builds with new settings
    • VGA Video output
    • Keyboard/Touchpad
    • Start memory stability tests
    • SD card
    • USB
  • At this point, OFW is generally functional for hardware debugging and bootloading
  • (May 22) Chris Ball arrives to start Linux work (arriving TPE 10pm May 21)
  • (May 25) Harald Welte (Via) start helping and the team splits into two: Hardware and Linux
  • (June 3) Anticipated date of OLPC team departure


  • Continues to work on either USB or SD if needed
  • DCON and OLPC display
  • RTC
  • Audio
  • Power management from OFW
  • Lid switch, E-Book mode switch, front panel buttons


After initial boot, this is mainly driver testing of hardware as functionality is confirmed with OFW.

  • Initial boot
  • USB
  • SD
  • Video
  • DCON and OLPC display
  • Audio



Early documentation may be obtained from a secure FTP site on dev.laptop.org:


If you already have a login on dev, let wad know and he will get you access priviledges.

Much of the documentation is now available on the XO 1.5 A1 board page.



We will be staying at:

  • The Riviera - Mitch's suggestion (TripAdvisor ranked #4 of 192 hotels in Taipei - supposedly has free Internet) Orbitz shows availability late May - early June, $119.56/night, including free internet and breakfast.

Our recommended medical provider is:

  • The Taipei Adventist Hospital - English speaking, decent care, just make sure to bring your own soap, towel, and arrange for outside food delivery.
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