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Welcome to the XOcamp2 miniconference Pixie Dust abode!

Pixie Dust [pik-see duhst]
1. dust purported to be produced by pixies. Known to grant magical abilities to those who harness its power to bring an XO to life in the dense and remote corners of the developing world
2. support gang - highly motivated, jovial, diverse, with a zest for troubleshooting green toys
3. community building - sociable and affable grassroots volunteers bonding for a noble cause
4. repair centers - the people with the magic potion to heal the XO's
5. smaller pilots and awareness - the little seeds that grow, spread and flourish

The Pixie Dust component of XOCamp2 will focus on the recent past, present and future of the critical supporting infrastructure that sustains the OLPC project lifeline: Support Gang, Community Building, Repair Centers and Smaller Pilots and associated awareness. We will reflect on past success, real world issues that affect future growth and discuss short and long term strategic direction.


Subject Matter

Please submit proposals for topics to cover. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Top concerns and requirements to support our ever growing G1G1 and deployment user base
  • Community building grassroots efforts, priorities and resources needed to support such efforts
  • Repair centers experience, spare parts, process and infrastructure proposals
  • Smaller pilots and related awareness
  • Cross functional networking and collaboration



Propose talks below and list your name below talks you'd like to see. Other talks are being proposed by email to [xx@lists.laptop.org], so feel free to propose there instead (or as well).

To add a proposal, please use the following format:

: '''TITLE''' - description - presenter [if you have one in mind]
:: more description, if needed
Title - please make this as short as possible while being precise.
Description - this should be 20-100 words long. Please leave longer descriptions on a separate page dedicated to the subject.
Presenter- If you can present on the topic, include your name. If you are suggesting someone else as presenter, add a question mark after their name unless they have confirmed they can lead the session, and notify them of your interest.

Support Issues

Community Building

Repair Centers

Smaller Pilots and Related Awareness

Cross Functional Networking and Collaboration

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