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1.5 EC development change log

Ver: 1.9.5


  • Catch soft off. Soft off is dictated by SUSC and MAIN_ON (SUSB) when the signals go into a specific state it means that the host has turned itself off and the EC should shut down the voltage regulators.
  • Fix the polarity of the SUSC high low reporting. It was inverted.
  • Optimize the way the SCI timing reporting was happening the numbers reported by tMO now match the timestamps happening from MO L and MO H.


  • Disable sequence warnings fro srec_cat when building the .bin image
  • Update the make dev rule so that it copies the test code to 'ec_test.img' in the EC firmware dir.
  • Remove code that deals with a register we don't have. Leftover from another code base.
  • Compile option to disable timestamp printing. (if you need diagnostic stuff that has to go really fast)
  • Rename all the assert/deassert to enable/disable. This makes it so you can search for specific IO ops. Searching for assert_<bla> would also get you deassert_<BLA>.

Ver: 1.9.4


  • None


  • General purpose EC timer host wakeups. EC cmd 0x36 takes a signed long value that is the number of ms to wait and then it will issue a SCI 0x01. Allows wakeups with around 8 - 12 ms resolution for about 26 days in the future. (ie 2^31 milliseconds).
  • Autowak is synced with MAIN_ON going low to help duplicate a resume crash.
  • LiFePO4 debug dumps can now enabled or disabled via OFW.

Ver: 1.9.3 (Unreleased)


  • Fix a typo bug that was turing off CC0 rather than CHG
  • Clear the 1 wire guage cache values for voltage and current when there is not a respose to a presence pulse.


  • Tweak the power up sequecing state machine to remove the PWR_GOOD state since it was unused.
  • Make the POWER_BUT_IN# strobe pulse the same width for both power up from off and for the strobe when power is on.
  • Add support for setting the value on the CHGCTL pin so we can test this feature.
  • Refactor keyboard and touchpad wakeups so that you can tell the difference between the 2 and don't wakeup on keyboard break codes.

Ver: 1.9.2


  • reorder the scancode generation table to match the new ordering from the rewritten GetMatrixKeys.
  • Modify the polarity of some signals so they don't create leakage in S5
  • Reduce the VR_ON to RSMRST# delay to approx 20ms as requested by Beckham Chen @ quanta.
  • Fix no low voltage host shut off bug.
  • Battery charge taper current tweak 100mA -> 150mA.


  • Refactor 1-w states to break up some of the larger complex states.
  • 1 wire state machines are now run every 100ms.

Known Issues:

  • Battery debugging output was left enabled if you connect up a battery you will get a dump of various variables every second.

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