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These are recommended engineering change orders (ECOs) to the C1 prototype of the XO-1.75 laptop. This is NOT a list of changes from C1 to C2, that is located elsewhere.

Loss of first keypress when suspended

If an unmodified XO-1.75 laptop is suspended, and a user presses a key, the laptop wakes up but the keypress is lost (ticket #11401).

  • Populate R352 and R354 with zero ohm resistors (or short them).
  • Install the most recent OFW or EC code.

Done to very few laptops.

Camera Problems

If the camera doesn't work right, it is possibly due to a marginal power switch.

  • Replace Q20 with an AO3402, or even with another AO3404 (part currently mounted).

Done to very few laptops --- this problem wasn't detected until the XO-3 A1 bringup.

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