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XO Easel is a game that lets you move image pieces around on a canvas.

Other names we bandied about: xoSketch, StoryBuilder, ShapeShifter

Our activity is aimed at 3-8 year olds. This is a creativity tool that allows exploration of interacting with shapes and colors to build abstract representations of their world.

Overivew: Objects Set Background / BackDrop / Destination

1st Objective One backdrop Set of shapes available to user Simple shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle) User can drag and drop shapes onto the backdrop.

2nd Objective Click through object to get alternative modes of object (circle/square with emoticons, etc) Backdrop 'guides' can be chosen by user (house, boat, bug, person, dog, etc)

3rd Objective Themes Different stories (people, cities, towns) Animated Sprites

The xoSketch is a creative storytelling activity aimed at children aged from three to ten years. The basic design has basic shapes in primary and secondary colors that the child uses as building blocks to create any design. Extending the concept of placing objects onto a stage to create a scene is done by new sets of objects and backgrounds.

Once an object is placed on the

ISSUES Flash as a development environment poses limitations related to how the Gnash Player interacts with the OLPC environment.

Other Objectives Rotation of objects Animated objects

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