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An XO hospital is a basic repair center. It is a place where you can diagnose and repair XO's. This page outlines a model for the physical organization of the repair center with a list of the things you will need for the repair center.


Things you should have


  • Screw drivers (a #1 Phillips at least, preferably magnetized)
  • Tweezers (for extracting small screws which have a habit of winding up under things when you try to remove them from the XO)
  • USB drives (these should have different builds, and activities)
  • Pliers (for orienting the hinge)
  • A working computer with internet preferably not an XO

Diagnostic Tools

  • A working XO carcass so that you can swap in parts for testing
  • Extra batteries
  • Power cords
  • A good-quality digital multimeter
  • Headphones which can be plugged into the XO's audio output jack
  • Microphone which can be plugged into the XO's audio input jack

XO Replacement Parts

  • Screen
  • Motherboard
  • Keyboard
  • ASL board (touchpad)
  • Batteries
  • Extra Plastic pieces
  • Small motherboard Battery
  • Heat Spreader
  • A supply of narrow-gauge double-sided tape


  • Reasonably secure, relatively dust-free indoor work space if possible.
  • Workbench, table and chairs
  • Good work light
  • Shelves
  • Storage cabinet
  • Plastic Bins, anti-static, if possible, or else good wooden ones. They are not likely to generate static.
  • Anti-static mats and anti-stat. wrist grounding straps.
    • The lower the humidity, the greater the need, in general.



Separate bins for different parts. See Model Repair Center for some pictures of an organized repair center.


See the XO Troubleshooting Guide for information on troubleshooting problems.

See the Disassembly page for information on how to actually do a repair.

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