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OLPC Korea has classified services provided by Korean governments into about 3,000 functions. I hope those fuctions to be coded using Python and Squeak, and to be used by children and citizens in playing the game, XO City.

The President and Prime Minister

There are more than 150,000 governmental organizations, divisions, or desks in Korea with about 960,000 governmental employees. XO Korea hope to network all of them using Larger XO and XO Korea/Governmental Server.

See XO Korea/governmental deployment/overview

The President Office of President Board of Audit & Inspection National Intelligence Service Civil Service Commission Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprises
Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption National Economic Advisory Council National Security Council Other Committees Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification
Prime Minister Prime Minister's Secretariat Office for Government Policy Coordination Ministry of Planning & Budget Ministry of Legislation Governmental Information Agency
Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs Fair Trade Commission Financial Supervisory Commission Ombudsman National Youth Commission
Emergency Planning Commission Commission Against Corruption


Ministry of Finance & Economy National Tax Service National Customs Service Public Procurement Service National Statistics Office
Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development Office of Education
Ministry of Reunification
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
Ministry of Justice Public Procecutor's Office
Ministry of Naitonal Defense Military Manpower Administration Defense Aquisition Program Administration
Ministry of Government Administration & Home Affairs National Police Agency National Emergency Management Agency
Ministry of Science & Technology Meterological Administration
Ministry of Culture & Tourism Cultural Property Administration
Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry Rural Development Administration Rural Forest Service
Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy Small & Medium Business Administration Intellectural Property Office
Ministry of Information & Communication
Ministry of Health & Welfare Food & Drug Administration
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Gender Equality & Family
Ministry of Construction & Transport National Railroad
Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries National Coast Guard Agency
Local Governments 1. Seoul 2. Incheon 3. Daejeon 4. Gwangju 5. Daegu 6. Ulsan 7. Busan 8. Gyeonggi
9. Gangwon 10. Chungnam 11. Chungbuk 12. Gyeongbuk 13. Jeonbuk 14. Jeonnam 15. Gyeongnam 16. Jeju
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