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This page is to show the XO deployment status of each region, measured by the degree of mesh coverage of the region.

For our detailed deployment activities, see XO Deployment page which presents various deployment activities with educational, governmental, and business purposes.

Seoul 서울 | Incheon 인천 | Daejeon 대전 | Gwangju 광주 | Daegu 대구 | Busan 부산 | Gyeonggi 경기 | Gangwon 강원 | Chungnam 충남 | Chungbuk 충북 | Jeonnam 인천 | Jeonbuk 전북 | Gyeongnam 경남 | Gyeongbuk 경북 | Jeju.png 제주

Seoul is the capital of Korea (South).

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