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We are developing a network-based simulation game in which a few participants work together to establish an XO City at any site they want. This is much like SimCity, but has some peculiar aspects too.

  1. it's network based; many participants will share and collaborate each other,
  2. simple and complex; it's for both beginner and professionals.
  3. real; the most prominent feature of XO City is that it's REAL.

Brief Scenario

  1. determine what kind of city to build and why; its population, social system, economic features, educational features, governmetnal types etc.
  2. select a site where XO City will be built on,
  3. design rough city landscape
  4. design roads, railways, electricity supply, water supply, waste water treatments etc.
  5. design facilities, vehicles, and tools etc. to be used in the City
  6. design each XO Building
  7. simulate city operation and get feedbacks
  8. redesign

Determine City Type and its Rationale

It's the most difficult step in the entire city construciton processes. Game participants should have the shared vison of what they need and WHY.

Setting Goals

A game is started by anyone who set the goals of city construction. Let's assume some children/students/citizens living in the Jejudo Island in Korea (South); A, B, C, and D. This is a game for all ages.

Citizen A want to start constructing a new city because she believes that the current city shape consumes too much energy and its social infrastructure also is inefficient for citizens to reach the productivity of Japan in a near future. After a while of research Activities on XO, she set a goal of Jeju's reaching the GNP of Japan in 10 years and surpassing it in 15 years. Currently, GNP of Japan and Jejudo,Korea is about USD $30,000 and $15,000 respectively.

In addition, she want to establish a brand new democracy; direct democracy without the intervention of brokers/middlemen called assembly. As she has two goals to achieve, she begins to write its concrete features and related implementation plan.

Economic Aspects

To reach the current GNP of Japan, it is necessary to reduce necessary expenses and increase revenues. She hopes a city; about 200,000 population with the features below.

Reduce/decrease expenses

These are some examples of expenses to be reduced.

  • e-Government system with only a few governmental employees (50 or less); it will reduce governmental expenses (especially for ordinary expenses)
  • eco-friendly society without any pollutions to be made; it will reduce expenses related to pollutants
  • education system based on constructivism; it will reduce expenses related to maintaining too many teachers and schools
  • medical facilities focusing on preventive medicine; it will reduce total medical expenses of the society
  • direct democracy to eliminate intermediate brokers such as assemblymen
  • automated logistics and transportation system; it will reduce logistics expenses
  • wind power and solar power system; it will reduce overall energy expenses

She estimates that GNP of the XO City in Jejudo will increase about US$ 3,000~4,000 after restructuring intangible social system and additional US$3~4,000 through restricting tangible systems such as roads and buildings. After briefly writing major expense items to be reduced, she set research plans of each item.

Increase income

Increasing income will be done primarily by using OEA.

  • determine industries to be deployed in the city; major and minor ones. As its major industries, she set tourism industry utilizing the beautiful landscapes of Jejudo and R&D Complex for near nations such as China and Korea.
  • set standardized working process for each industry in the city; she will obtain necessary modules from the Open Enterprise Architecture Object Warehouse. This will increase the productivity of each employee working in the city.
  • without barriers between market and public sectors and among markets together; it will increase the productivity of each social sectors via free competition.
  • Free Trade

Some Concrete Features of the City to be established

  • buildings will be central part of the city; most activities of ordinary days will be done by in buildings. So, every building has a full features of a small society; houses, build-in food centers, medical centers, shops, health centers etc. Each building is expected to encompass about 1,000 residents.
  • a few buildings (10 more or less) form a county. A district provides some community products and services similar to those of current counties, which a building can't afford to. A county will encompass about 10,000 residents. Each district has its own peculiar aspects such as focusing on agricultural or fishery works.
  • a few counties (10~20) form a city. An XO City provides products and services which counties can't afford to.
  • every building and every room is connected to each other via logistics system controlled by the central controller. Those logistics system will substitute human-based delivery services with automated tunnel-based one.
  • each building will be power supplied by its own energy generation system mainly via wind power which is abundant in Jejudo.
  • the main transportation system for both transportation and logistics is railway system controlled by the central controller.
  • all vehicles are electric cars such as MIT stackable concept car
  • all freights are conveyed via underground logistic systems
  • all citizens use XO or its variations everyday and anywhere
  • meals are provided by centralized food center in each building

Writing Implementation Plan

She decides to proceed this construction process in the manner as below

  1. posting her idea on the bulletin board of the game
  2. writing milestones and gaming rules
  3. setting game environment selected among available options such as using Google Earth or other 3D
  4. issuing tickets to be developed

Start Construction

Desiging the landscape of the city

First, she (maybe with fellow gamers) select a site to build the city. If it's in Jejudo, she need some satelite photos via such as using Google Earth,

Then, select sites for special purpose buildings such as cityhall, medical center, educational center, sports stadium, plans, harbors, water supply facilities, energy facilities, etc. considering the landscape of the city.

After determining sites for special purpose buildings, then select sites where ordinary buildings will be built on.

Of course, the process of selecting sites for various usages is done retroactively. For the case of A's city project, there is one more participant now, B, who is interested in logistics. He will design the entire logistics and transportation system of the city.

The picture left shows City Railway System, Roads,and Vehicles.

Desiging each building in the city

About 300 buildings in the city will be designed one by one. This work will be done by additional one game participants, C, who is interested in builing design.

Left are some works of C, buildings drawn for the city.

Making a Working Model

After developing an XO City, some cities will be made as mock-up working models and displayed in the Honorable Hall of XO City.

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