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이 페이지는 XO 및 슈가 에뮬레이터를 교실에서 어떻게 이용할 지를 논의하는 곳입니다.


교사를 위한 아이디어

교재와 지원 아이디어

What kinds of materials would be helpful for you to have in your classroom? Training manuals? Lesson plans? Examples of activities from other OLPC classrooms?

  • Sample activities/lesson plans
  • Examples of activities/lessons from other classrooms

파일럿 프로그램에 관하여

What kind of information would you like to have about other pilot programs? Ideas for activities? News and reports? Photos and videos from other classrooms? Ways to ask questions and share advice?

  • Profiles. Kids take self-portraits with their XO, and write about their favorite thing about their laptop.
  • The XO map. Where are all the other users? where are the developers?
  • A syndicated blog of individual blogs like OLPC Ceibal

파일럿 프로그램들 간의 협도에 관해

How would you like to be linked to classrooms around the world? Through a map? Through a blog? Through a wiki? Or not at all?

지원에 관한 아이디어

And in terms of support, what kind of resources would you like to see from the OLPC development team? A technical contact? A way to ask for help? Something else?

  • Discussion/support forum of some sort -- or syndication of many individual fora (note the different mailing lists)
  • OLPC-specific Education networks

XO 교사들에게 보내는 편지

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I've just joined OLPC for the summer. During the year, I teach at Queens College, part of the City University of New York. But for now, my big project is to work on ways to support you-- the teachers involved in OLPC pilot programs around the world. I'd like to begin by learning as much as I can about how you use the laptops in your classrooms, and how the project is going so far. What's worked well? What's been difficult? What activities and uses are you particularly proud of? And is there anything that you're excited about for the future? I would love to hear from you! Best, Lauren PS: Eventually, I'd like to think about ways to share ideas for activities and lessons, and ways to share advice between teachers and with the OLPC development team. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this. You can email me, or you can add your ideas directly to the OLPCWiki: XO_Teachers#Ideas_for_classroom_materials_and_support
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