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This page records my efforts to get an XO to act as a school server.

Preparing the image

As documented on the XS Installing Software page, the first step is to grab the install iso. I used build 128, from [1]. Converting this to a USB image requires some fedora-only tools, and I run Debian, so I downloaded the file to my laptop then launched Fedora Core 7 in qemu with:

$ qemu -soundhw es1370 -redir tcp:2222::22 -m 512 -hda fedora7-pilgrim.img -fda /dev/sdb1 -cdrom ~/Desktop/OLPC_XS_LATEST.iso

A usb key was in /dev/sdb1. Then within Fedora:

# umount /dev/sdc0
# yum install livecd-tools
# livecd-iso-to-disk /dev/scd0 /dev/fd0
Copying live image to USB stick
Updating boot config file
Installing boot loader
Can't set disk parameters for S: Invalid argument
Cannot initialize 'S:'
Bad target s:/ldlinux.sys
syslinux: failed to create ldlinux.sys
USB stick set up as live image!

The errors above might be related to the fact that we ran this inside qemu. Let's press on and hope for the best!

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