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In our experience, most generic x86 computers equipped with USB ports support booting from a USB storage device (a USB key). Almost none are configured to do so automatically. This can easily be forced from the BIOS.

Phoenix BIOS

  1. Insert the USB key into the machine before booting
  2. Enter the BIOS by pressing DEL on a keyboard during the initial boot process.
  3. Select "Advanced BIOS Features"
  4. Select "Hard Disk Boot Priority"
  5. You should see your USB key listed as a boot device. Move it to the top by selecting it and pressing PgUp.
  6. If you don't see your USB key listed, move "Bootable Add-in Cards" to the top of the list. But remember to move it back down after installation, or your system may not boot!
  7. Save the BIOS parameters to CMOS and reboot by pressing F10, then Enter


If the system has a blank disk drive, it will automatically boot from a USB key.

If the disk drive has a bootable OS, you will need to:

  1. Insert the USB key into the machine before booting
  2. Enter the Boot menu by pressing F11 on boot
  3. Select USB Device

Workaround with Grub?

Need work around (like with grub?) for older hardware without boot from USB capability here...

And possibly a run Live from USB key without install to hard drive for standalone demos and learning purposes???

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