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Thanks for helping us improve the XSCE by testing. Testing is very valuable at this stage because it is impossible to predict what will happen all the permutations of hardware. The other day Jerry Vonau spent hours debugging a situation where the two off brand dongles had the same mac address.

In the top, please note which build you are testing against and then just cut and past in the table to indicate your finding. (Don't if the table gets messed up we can just fix it.)

If a block goes from red or yellow to green, please raise a pint to the fearless XSCE team :)

If a block goes from green to red, please raise an isssue at https://sugardextrose.org/projects/xsce/issues!

  • XO 1.5 tested against xs-config-
  • XO 1.75 tested against xs-config-
  • XO 4.0 tested against xs-config-
Test 1.5 1.75 4.0
Installation Pass Pass Pass
External SD Card Pass Pass Fail
Two dongle install Pass Pass Pass
Dynamic Host Configuration Pass Pass Pass
Registration Pass Pass Pass
XMPP Server Pass Pass Pass
XMPP based collaboration Pass Pass Pass
Apache Web Server Pass Pass Pass
Proxy Caching (squid) Pass Pass Pass
Postgress Pass Pass Pass
Virtual Private Network Pass Pass Pass
Moodle Pass Pass Pass
OLPC-backup Pass Pass Pass
Activity Server Pass Pass Pass
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