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This IIAB XSCE content does not reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of a volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.

32 bit Install

  1. Install Fedora 18. Minimal installs that can fit on a CD, such as XFCE or LXDE, work well.
  1. Log in as root and yum -y update
  2. Verify wget is present, if not, then yum -y install wget
  3. Disable SELinux: edit /etc/selinux/config from SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled
  4. Reboot
  5. Ensure one or two ethernet devices are connected
  6. Ensure you are root
  7. Change directory by typing cd /etc/yum.repos.d
  8. Download the required yum repo by typing wget http://xsce.activitycentral.com/repos/xsce-rel4.repo
  9. Install xs-config by typing yum -y install xs-config
  10. Type xs-setup This generates a long list of "yum" install requests, similar to the normal adding of functions that you would do if you loaded a minimal "network" install CD from Fedora, and then added additional functions one at a time.
  11. When the install script is complete, it will declare, "XS configured; Ready to reboot and use" and then you'll be back at a prompt.
  12. At the prompt, type reboot
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