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This IIAB XSCE content does not reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of a volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.

Raspberry Pi

  1. Download the image from http://xsce.activitycentral.com/downloads/rpi-xsce-0.4-1.img.gz, and the rpi-xsce-0.4-1.img.md5sum (-1,-2,-3, etc will include more recent fixes).
  2. Gunzip the <xxxx.img.gz> file.
  3. Run md5sum on the expanded .img file and compare with cat < rpi-xsce...img.md5sum.
  4. Determine the /dev/<name> of the SD card you want to use with the Raspberry Pi.
  5. Use dd to write the image to the SD card: dd if=<file name> of=</dev/name> (probably /dev/sdb or mmcblk0). Don't include the "p1,p2" because the partition table gets written by the image.
  6. The image was created with an unprivileged user "admin" and a password of "12admin". If you don't have USB keyboard, mouse, and digital monitor, you can ssh in with these credentials. Sometimes you can view the IP addresses passed out by your router with a web browser to get the the Raspberry Pi's IP address.
  7. Root password is "fedora". Change this if you have pranksters in your vicinity by becoming root, and using command line "passwd".
  8. Change to user root by typing su. enter the password for root
  9. It's recommended to resize the SD card partition to it's maximum available size. GParted or a similar tool would do the trick.
  10. type xs-setup-network

To test the latest code:

  1. Change directory by typing cd /etc/yum.repos.d.
  2. type rm xs-devel.repo when prompted type y
  3. Download the needed yum repo file by typing wget http://xsce.activitycentral.com/repos/xsce-rel4.repo.
  4. Ensure you can access all the repos with yum repolist (can be repeated if an error occurs.)
  5. type yum update xs-config
  6. type xs-setup

CAVEATS: Raspberry Pi is armv6 architecture, and XO is armv7hl. Some rpm packages are not available in the required form and some functions will have incomplete support. i.e:

  1. Stats
  2. Internet-In-A-Box
  3. ejabberd
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