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The first XS Conference will be held on Tuesday March 25th 11 AM US EDT. You can find the timezone difference between EDT and your own timezone at World TimeServer

   Conference call line (from anywhere in the world): +1-972-684-9752
   Access code: 617 452  5660#
   We'll use #olpc-xs on freenode as the irc "backchannel".

Note the IRC channel has changed!



Martin Langhoff has recently joined OLPC as the School Server Architect. In this meeting he plans to lay out his roadmap for the School Server and get feedback/suggestions from field implementers and other stakeholders. Please read through the roadmap prior to the meeting to make it more productive for all attendees.

Meeting Goals

  • Describe goals for 0.3, discuss goals for 0.4 and 0.5 releases
  • Guide wishlist features towards "1.0" and "2.0" releases.
  • Implementers from a variety of deployment sites convey their most urgent needs to Martin
  • Implementers get a clear sense of the Roadmap


  1. Short introductions from participants
  2. Martin talks about the roadmap in detail
  3. Roadmap immediate focus vs freedom to implement ahead
  4. Reactions to roadmap from participants
  5. Discussion of Requirements and Use Cases
    • Urban / Rural suburban
    • Remote rural
    • Very remote
    • Extremely remote
    • With / without XS
    • XS has / has not internet/WAN connection
  6. Technology Choices
    1. Software - stick w/ Fedora or eventually move to Debian :)
      • XS Services - Moodle, Mediawiki, Blogging?
      • Administration Interface
    2. Hardware - Custom hardware or commodity servers? What's available in your country?
  7. Documentation - State of current documentation and suggested guidelines?
  8. Discuss working modality for the XS Team, monthly teleconferences? How can implementers best help the XS development team?

Meeting notes

To be added by Bryan.

Raw IRC log

To be attached...

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