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We need a bunch of logos and imagery to

  • Provide identity when kids select the "school server signal" in the 'networks' view
  • Display as identifier on the webbased tools that the XS provides (moodle, mediawiki, etc)

... as such, it might be a good idea to base the XS logo on the "mesh" icon on the networks view. Note that the colour scheme of the icon changes on a per-laptop basis.

With the logo, we'll need imagery to

  • Make the XS installation process beautiful
  • Print and stick on our development boxes!

Images needed for installation process

This is an excellent document from the Fedora crowd - note that we won't be using backgrounds of Gnome or KDE. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemingOverview

These are the graphs we have -- some "generic logos" that de-brand Fedora spins. Some are horrid - incentive to replace them? :-)

This appears across the top of the anaconda installer - you can see it in action here. Image:XS_Sample_logos-Anaconda_header.png

These two are boot-time backgrouds - they'll work in a screen roughly like this one Image:XS_Sample_logos-Syslinux-vesa-splash.jpg Image:XS_Sample_logos-Grub-splash.png

I think this gets included in some apache error pages :-) Image:XS_Sample_logos-Poweredby.png

This one is weird. the Fedora pkg has a 252x252 "curly f" logo on white. Image:XS_Sample_logos-System-logo-white.png

I think this one gets used in various places - one of them being the background of the firstboot. Image:XS_Sample_logos-Main-logo.png

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