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  • Position Quit-button the standard way / use the Toolbar
  • Better Installation and Removal Feedback
  • Auto-Refresh, Refresh with graphical representation
  • Bigger Scrollbars / Autoscroll on KeyDown
  • Less scrolling: Wrap Description, Changable width of columns
  • Better "Information": Icon, Version Number
  • Highlight Activities without checking
  • Hide Apply Button after Installation (which does nothing)
    • Change the "Close" button label to "Show List". "Close" currently implies closing the application given the current context of the application and the full screen dialog box.
  • checkbox for showing version #.
  • Legend.. what the heck does the (*) mean ???
  • Group activities by, and alpha sort list (Allow collapsible groups)
    • Base pre-installed, non-removable
    • Installed Activities
    • Groups of packaged activities, such as GCompris
  • Arrow keys
    • Left/Right - scroll left/right
    • Up/Down - scroll up/down
  • Remove all custom packages, [Button] (except of course xo-get :)

New Features

  • Self-Update screen for the GUI
  • Preferences
    • where to save files
    • clean old .xo's
  • GUI: Install .xo from disk / usb
  • Button for 'check for Activity updates' (compare installed versions with versions available)
    • Button for 'update all'
  • Add entries for installed activities in the Journal for a common deletion/removal mechanism.
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