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Xocon: a proposed global community event where OLPCers from around the world can share stories, show off projects, and plan for the future. XOcon's will include presentations, workshops, brainstorming sessions for major components of collaborative learning and inspiration; and showcases of beautiful materials for children, case studies of interesting deployment efforts, and work done on XO networks.

One is planned to coincide with FUDCon11 in late 2008/early 2009.

Open questions

  • When -- (FUDCon11 -- likely Jan 9-11; venue in Boston).
    • 9.1 timing -- how to coordinate with a 9.1 gathering this November/early December?
  • Where -- Boston for the next few months
  • Who -- you, your friend from the neighborhood Jabber server, anyone interested.
  • Cost -- we're trying to keep costs to a minimum, while looking for travel sponsorship for those farther away.

Event brainstorming

  • Open workshop slots with teaching/media pairs - BarCamp style (BazSchool?) with open timeslots and classrooms for sign-up, pre-event coordination highly encouraged
  • Machine dissection/teardowns - comparing the XO's various versions to other low-cost laptops on the market (can we get Bunnie to do this?)
  • Unformal conferences or talks about developments (hardware, firmware, software..) or ideas related to the development (peripherals for example) of the XO.
  • Talks about deployments of the XP in different parts of the world
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