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11.3.0 is an OLPC OS release to add ARM architecture support to 11.2.0 (for the upcoming XO-1.75 laptop), and to add some features and fix known issues. Fedora 14 continues to be used as a base. The target platforms are Target platforms::XO-1, Target platforms::XO-1.5 (including XO-1.5 High School Edition) and Target platforms::XO-1.75.

The release plan can be found at /Release plan.


Status: Status::released

Released on: Release date::2011-11-01

Release notes: Release notes::Release notes/11.3.0

Build number: Build number::883

Firmware: ??

Download and installation

Download and installation instructions can be found in the release notes.


The release was built with Build system::OS Builder version Build system version::4.0.x under Build platform::Fedora 14, using olpc-os-11.3.0-xo1.ini, olpc-os-11.3.0-xo1.5.ini and olpc-os-11.3.0-xo1.75.ini.